InstaChoir is a no stress, no-strings-attached singing experience for anyone and everyone!

In just a short amount of time you will be singing your heart out with new friends in harmony.

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Join our newest InstaChoir experience and learn and sing some amazing shanties + record a brand new shanty composition for a giant virtual shanty choir project.  Click the link below to sign up and get your ticket to take part!


Jordan Travis - Founder and Director

Jordan is all about building, educating, and enriching communities through music and singing.  He is currently the Artistic Director of the award-winning Harbourtown Sound Chorus (BHS), A Cappella Showcase (2019 Harmony Inc. Chorus Champions), and the Golden Horseshoe Choruses - daytime a cappella choruses for both men and women.  Jordan is the Founder and creative guiding force behind InstaChoir - a no-stress and non-auditioned singing experience for everyone.

Mike Odendahl - Videographer and Producer

Mike Odendahl, the founder of MOVINPICS, has a background as a musician, videographer and editor.  As a performer and content creator, he has a creative eye for capturing the story.  Over the years, he has brought his artistic talents to hundreds of weddings and events  across Southern Ontario.



Give us your employees and, after our program, we will give you back a team.

Singing in harmony strengthens togetherness and trust.


We have built a wonderful InstaChoir-Community and we'd be excited to come to your community and share our experience with you.


Whether you're hosting a festival or special event, InstaChoir is the perfect way to provide quality, interactive entertainment. 





Virtual InstaChoir Instructions & Guidelines

  1. Read the recording guidelines below.

  2. Download the PDF of music, mix track, and your part predominant track.

  3. The music is written in Soprano, Alto, Tenor, and Bass.  Please pick the part which suits your voice the best.  You may notice a few splits in the Alto and Tenor line - pick the note that feels best to you!

  4. Video record yourself singing your part along with one of the learning tracks using head-phones.

  5. If you are sharing what Canada means to you on your recording, please pause a few seconds after the end of the song.  You can also submit a separate video.  

  6. Submit your recording (audio/visual) to us - Please save the file with your First and Last Name and part.  For instance: 

  7. Submit your track by June 1st.

Recording Guidelines


  • Record in a quiet environment. TV, heating vents, others chatting in the background, traffic, washing machines, etc, as all raise the noise threshold when mixed with the other voices.

  • Too much room tone muddies the mix. A large, echoey room is not the best choice (stairwell or shower) Look for a dry recording space in a room with carpets and drapes.

  • No added effects on the voice (eg, reverb)

  • Once you've recorded a take you are happy with, check for clicks, thumps or other noise that distract from a clean capture. It needs to be clean.


  • Select a background that is clutter free

  • Record head shot at arm’s length - in portrait mode.

  • Choose lighting that compliments your face. Not too orange, not too blue. Not in the shadows. Not with blown out highlights.

  • Don’t add additional colour profiles or special effects to video (black & white, extra saturation) We do that when we edit all the files together.

  • Make sure the footage is not shaky

  • Do not compose your shot with your head touching the edge of the screen or going out of the frame. Put your eyes in the top half of the frame. Portrait is preferred.

  • Check out the pictures below to help!




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